After many years of working in the waterbed industry it became apparent that the time had come for a different type of furniture store. A store that didn’t do the usual gimmicks of sales, negotiating prices, free this and free that: everybody knows that nothing is really free. We were tired of buying an item only to find it on sale the next week, or have the commission salesperson tell us they could “sharpen the pencil if we were ready to buy right now.”

The other thing that was apparent to us was that because most stores only sell one type of sleep surface (i.e. inner spring, waterbed, etc), people weren’t getting an accurate story of all the options available to them. The waterbed store would say, “waterbeds are best,” the inner spring people would tell you that they were the best. Who do you believe? Everybody says they have great service, but do they really deliver? Since we opened in 1989 we’ve worked really hard to solve those problems and more. When you shop with us you’ll get assistance from someone that cares about your needs, not a commission. There’s no pressure to “buy today” because every item is priced as low as we can sell it and it won’t go on sale. Chances are that what you are looking at is made in BC, and it’s never made of particle board. If you’re having trouble sleeping, or just need a new bed, our trained sleep specialists will look at your individual needs and build a mattress system just for you — even if we build one side of the mattress differently than the other! These are just some of the reasons we’d encourage you to see us when it’s time for your next furniture investment.

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Here are a few more reasons to consider us the next time you need a better night’s sleep, or new furniture :

We don’t work on commissions so we’re never pushy. We never do “sales” so you don’t have to buy it today to get the “deal”. We never use particle board, only real wood and good general construction. Over 90% of what you see is Canadian made with most of that made right here in B.C! We are 100% locally owned and operated which means that your hard earned dollars stay right here in the community. If you’re ever unhappy with something you’ve purchased please call us. We want to help you in every way possible.

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