Do I have the best mattresses in the world?

Ok I’m pretty sure I’d be sued if I made that claim, but do I think I do?

Absolutely yes! For 3 decades now I’ve tried and researched every possible type of mattress combination. I’ve tried 100’s of different materials and constructions.

I’ve tried memory foam ad nauseam and if you’ll pardon the pun it makes me sick. It’s hot (even the breathable stuff) and to me it feels like sleeping on warm bread dough.

Spring mattresses might be ok but I’ve yet to see one that will actually work for the period of the warranty, or even come close.

No flip mattresses I’ve found don’t last.

My choice at the end of the day is my Dunlop or Talalay Latex mattresses. Over 90% natural, completely flippable.

The pillow top that I know will wear out at some point can be replaced.

In addition most of our mattresses go out with one side of the bed different than the other, so I can correctly support both spouses, that have different needs.

The thing I love about my systems is they are not new and improved. At the end of the day they are just like me, a little older but do a great job!

I am John and all my mattresses are designed by me for my stores. You call me if you have an issue.

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