Dunlop Latex Mattress



Dunlop Latex

Like Talalay Natural Latex, Dunlop is also harvested from the rubber tree and by volume contains approximately 92% pure latex rubber with the balance of material being natural vulcanizing agents.

Dunlop is extremely long lasting far more so than any other foam including Talalay, which makes it ideal for furniture and upholstery as well as beds. The drawback in beds is that Dunlop is quite firm by comparison to Talalay.

Dunlop is Hypoallergenic, better still like Talalay bed bugs and dust mites don’t like to hang out in this mattress.

Talalay vs Dunlop

The biggest advantage to Talalay is it’s soft support, and coolness. With a more open cell structure than Dunlop it breathes better and allows for the mattress to be softer allowing for better support without hammocking. This feature makes it ideal for those of us with hip and shoulder problems by taking the weight off of those pressure points. An expected life span of at least 10 years can be expected.

Note to reader: As of Feb 2018 we have both used and sold Talalay products for approximately 8 years with zero warranties on complete systems. I feel the 10 year warranty we put on these is a bare minimum of life.  I’m sure these mattresses will go many years with only minor softening.

While Dunlop isn’t as supportive as Talalay it is extremely long lasting. If hip and shoulder problems aren’t the issue our Dunlop mattress will last an extremely long time with firm support.

Price includes Dunlop Latex Topper & Core 


  • Twin Mattress
  • 9" H x 39" W x 74" L
  • Single 3" Topper only
  • Twin Extra Long
  • 9" H x 38" W x 80" L
  • Single Long 3" Topper only
  • Double Mattress
  • 9" H x 54" W x 74" L
  • Double 3" Topper only
  • Queen Mattress
  • 9" H x 60" W x 80" L
  • Queen 3" Topper only
  • King Mattress
  • (2 Twin Extra Long Cores with KingToppers)
  • 9" H x 76" W x 80" L
  • King 3" Topper only
  • King Split Mattress
  • (2 Twin Extra Long Core 2 Twin Extra Long Toppers)
  • 9" H x 76" W x 80" L