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While John’s was founded in 1989 our history of retail goes back a long way.

This ad ran in the Ladysmith Chronicle April 17, 1920. The Rogers mentioned here is my grandfather John Rogers (father to Jack and Darrell) and the beginning of retail for our family. When Mr Barratt passed away my grandfather and grandmother Mary Rogers (this is where they met)  was a clerk there, expanded into the Ladysmith Trading Co. where I ultimately learned my trade. In 1989 when I opened John’s my dad Jack gave me this advice. “John there is no magic bullet in retail. Just give fair prices, good products and great service”.

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Description automatically generatedThis has been the basis for John’s for what will be 33 years of business this June. If you’re tired of retail gimmicks, sales and pressure tactics try a different way, the John’s way!

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