Don’t be rushed into a bad decision

So many times through the year we’re told “Buy today and save!” “Sale ends Sunday!” “Buy more for bigger savings!” or my favorite dislike “Don’t lose out, these deals won’t last!”

After 32 years in business I can safely say that I’ve never seen my costs drop for a week or weekend to accommodate a “sale”, my costs have always remained constant. Given that why the price drop for however many days? What about the few days before the sale does that mean that whoever bought in that period just got ripped off? Does the sale really end, how many times do we hear “event held over”?

When I question people how much was your last mattress? “It was a $4000 mattress but I only paid $2000”. Let’s get this sorted out right now.  You spent $2000 on a $2000 mattress!

Mattresses aren’t cheap. There is a ton of misinformation out there, (go to my blog at to read more on that) not lies but my opinion is we see a lot of partial truths. Not the whole story, then we’re told we need to act now before doing all the research.

Here’s the point of my rant. If you’re tired of all of the above come and see us. We don’t do sales, we don’t do commissions which means we work for you. We’ll take the time to educate you about mattresses and what you really need. Then we’ll send you home with proper written quote with everything you need on it. No hidden costs. Those quotes are good for 60 days after that, no pressure.

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