A Kinder Gentler Way of Doing Business

Kinder Gentler Ideas of how business should be done are still the rule in my stores.

Anyone who’s read my blog before knows I won’t carry any brand name mattresses as customer after customer who’s brought those products tells me they fail in 2-4 years, those comments are borne out by the many competitor’s mattresses our staff replace each week.

Here’s what to expect at John’s.

Our best mattresses are truly Natural Latex not synthetic. It breathes better and lasts longer.

Each of those mattresses can be made differently on each side at no extra cost so each partner can get the correct support. Let our experience help you choose the correct firmness for each side.

All our mattresses can be flipped and pillow tops can be replaced. That is extremely important for long mattress life.

There are no sales and no commission sales people. This means my people are working for you to help find the solution that best suits your budget and needs. No pressure to make a spot decision.

Our 30 day exchange period (some exceptions apply) means that if the wrong firmness was chosen we’ll fix it.

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