Natural Latex and CO2

For anyone that has been following my articles you’ve probably learned a couple of things:

  • In general, mattresses that can’t be flipped won’t work.
  • Pillow top mattresses, where you can’t replace the pillow top, are a waste of your hard earned dollars.

Here’s a few things you may not know about our Natural Latex Mattresses. These statements only hold true about true Natural Latex not the synthetic or blended ones. Sadly many retailers are not telling you their latex isn’t natural, or only partially natural.

Natural Latex comes from the rubber tree. Each tree produces sap for 25-30 years, then the tree is cut and used for furniture and other products. The tree is then replanted to start the cycle over again.

It takes 2500 trees one day to produce one Natural Latex Mattress. Over the course of the year that takes 143 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere. That’s 12 acres of trees that help our planet, just for one mattress!

That only produces 365 mattresses, we alone sell much more than that. That means many more acres of Rubber Trees are needed to supply demand. This alone makes a tremendous positive environmental impact.

Even with all this positive environmental news there’s better news still which is how our mattresses are good for a great night’s sleep! When you invest in a Natural Latex mattress from us here’s what to expect:

  • Each side of these mattresses is customized for each person going onto it. We will guide you through the process of which firmness is correct for each side, there’s no extra charge for this.
  • Natural Latex breathes! This produces a wonderful temperature neutral environment, no hot spots as in memory foams.
  • Natural Latex is bed bug and dust mite resistant, creating a very clean sleeping space.
  • Latex is Hypoallergenic adding to that clean, natural experience.

Come in and talk to our trained, professional staff and get started on your road to a healthy night’s sleep.

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