I Just Want a Real Mattress

Since I’ve heard this statement many a time I thought I’d address this comment. Mattresses like most things have certainly changed dramatically in the last 15 years or so.

I struggled with the word “changed” in the previous paragraph I was going to use “evolved” but in my mind that means “got better” when in fact I think the industry has devolved.

From when I opened in 1989 until 2003 (when the first no flip mattresses came out) it was tough to sell mattresses, the industry provided a good product that for the most part lasted quite well. It didn’t take long though for me to start seeing that these “new and improved” mattresses weren’t going to last. Even still as the industry had changed I convinced myself that I should change too and for a while I fell for the gimmick and brought in no flips. Within a year and a half I spent well over $150,000 in warranties and upset customers, that’s when I said “enough” and went back to my own construction of mattresses, I’d had enough of the main stream mattresses.

That was around 2009 and since I had always mostly sold Urethane Foam Mattresses (still do) I started experimenting with Natural Latex Mattresses. To my delight I rapidly found out that the Natural Latex had many properties that most foams don’t have.

The other thing I discovered was that I could change the firmness of the mattress from side to side so if there was 2 people on the mattress each person could get their own correct level of comfort.

So for those of you that are like me and old enough to have experienced typical flip style mattresses for most of our lives, those “real” mattresses are gone.

However my mattresses and thinking did evolve. Come and see why we’re not like the rest of the industry.

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